Do I have your attention?
This is Earning Ears. A podcast about creating content that EARNS your audience’s attention.

A lot of B2B organisations only focus on what they can get out of their content, and what’s in it for them.

I want to see a shift in our mindsets around creating content.

Content marketing is supposed to be pulling, not pushing.

Let’s make a shift. From grabbing attention to earning attention. From building an audience to earning an audience, and from growing community to earning community.

How do we do that?

Well, isn’t that the question. Come along, pull up a seat (probably your car seat on the way to work) and join the conversation as we talk to the world’s best attention earners, audience earners and community earners who have real world experience in growing audiences from zero. Listen and learn how you too can make relevant and engaging content that earns your audience’s attention.

Who am I? Let’s talk about that at the end of the episode if you decide to stick around after I’ve earnt your attention.

Listen here.